Thursday, May 16, 2013

Light The Way With Marquee Lighting

Eclectic Lighting by Other Metro Scott Coppersmith Designs

Swap out conventional lighting for stunning marquee lights to brighten your interior. Explore lit monograms, and your favorite words and phrases that will add a dash of personal style to your interior in Broadway-style lights.

Eclectic Lighting by Other Metro Etsy

Lighting creates ambience and sets the mood at home.  Why not add a little romance with marquee lighting that expresses how you feel about each other?

Eclectic Lighting by Other Metro Etsy

On Etsy and other marketplaces you can find a variety of marquee lights that can be customized to get your statement across.  This one of the word "soul" would take center stage in my next home.

Eclectic Lighting by Other Metro Etsy

Marquee lighting can be used to bring attention to anything that you want to express - even your love of the Big Apple.

Explore the marquee lighting trend and my favorite pieces on Houzz >

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