Thursday, May 30, 2013

Color Crush: Purple

Color Crush: Purple

I enjoy making mood boards of some of my favorite shades.  It helps me explore trends, and even gets my mind thinking about new colorways for AphroChic products.  Recently I was playing around on the mood board in my office, and was struck by a new color palette that surfaced - purple and black.  Purple has never been big on my list of favorite shades.  Sometimes it can be over-the-top, but in these cool and sophisticated rooms the shade is just right.  For instance, the bedroom above sports purple-gray walls that are so soothing.

Color Crush: Purple

Just a touch of purple can make quite an impression.  Here, pastel purple chairs stand out beautifully in this white dining room.  I love that the chairs surround a black table.  The color combo is classic.

Color Crush: Purple

Electric shades of purple work well when paired with dark shades like walnut.  The color is energizing, but also tamed by a deep, dark neutral.

Color Crush: Purple

I love the hint of purple in the antique carpet in this living room.  The hue adds a bit of a feminine touch to this otherwise masculine seating area.

Color Crush: Purple

And this image has me really wanting a bright purple dining room table.  I mean, how cool is this?!  The grape color stands out beautifully against simple wood and metal chairs.

Explore more purple decor on my Color Crush: Purple Pinterest Board >

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  1. the shades or purple is very relaxing to the eyes.. nice blog Coast lighting


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