Thursday, April 18, 2013

Color Blocking at Blik

Blik Color Block green_slant

Designer Mina Javid has created a cool collection of colorful wall decals for Blik.  The Color Block Slant collection contains four vibrant palettes in shades of blue, red, gray and purple, and a very innovative idea - the ability to transform your space with vivid blocks of color.

Blik Color Block red_slant

The collection allows you to play and have fun as you create a colorful statement on your walls.  You can position the tiles in any shape you would like, designing an interesting wall mural.

Blik Color Block grey_slant_1

These removable decals are a wonderful way to bring your favorite shades home, and are perfect for apartments.

Blik Color Block purple_slant

Explore the Color Block Slant collection at Blik, and get started transforming your walls with colorful displays >

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