Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Pretty Little X-Bench at Chairloom

Chairloom x-benches

The folks at Chairloom know how to create beautiful seating.  The design studio, located just outside of Philadelphia in Ardmore, PA, upholsters vintage chairs and family heirlooms and transforms them with today's most exciting textiles.  They also have a special custom furniture branch called Co-Lab.  That's where they build custom pieces from scratch, like these beautiful x-benches.

Chairloom x-benches

X-benches are perfect pieces of furniture.  They are so versatile, and are great for extra seating whenever company comes over.  At dinner parties, lay a tray on top of them, and they'll work as a side table.  These are smart investment pieces that work overtime.  So, if you're considering an x-bench, why not get one that absolutely stands out?

Chairloom x-benches

At Chairloom their x-benches are made to stand out.  You can create custom pieces in any size you need, from a long bench for an entryway, to a chic pair for a small space.  And with their amazing collection of textiles, you can choose from a slew of today's trendiest patterns to make your custom bench shine.

Chairloom x-benches

For a fun accent piece upholstered in an unexpected textile, I invite you to check out Chairloom.  But be forewarned, they have lots of amazing seating that you are sure to fall in love with!

Visit the Chairloom website >

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