Monday, March 18, 2013

House Tour: Madeline Weinrib's Manhattan Loft

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

Back in 2008, Elle Decor featured the home of textile maven Madeline Weinrib.  The woman who introduced many of us to ikat and globally-inspired home textiles, her expansive New York loft was filled with cultural details - from vintage Moroccan rugs to antique Italian chairs upholstered in her own fabrics.

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

Weinrib's home is full of lessons on how to bring various global pieces together in a single space.  A neutral color palette does the trick in this living room where brown and cream are the primary colors.  A French table, Chinese ladder, and antique rugs work together beautifully when unified through a simple palette.

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

With very little color, it's the patterned details and art that sticks out in Weinrib's loft.  Her now-famous ikat pillow adds fun polka dots to the room, and a bench captures the eye in geometric upholstery.

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

Next to a 19th Century cabinet sits an antique Italian chair covered in fabric by Weinrib.  Upholstering an antique in on-trend fabric can be a beautiful way to update a centuries-old piece.

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

In the kitchen, art is hung to the left of the counter.  Many of the pieces are by Weinrib herself, and have been placed in unique frames.

Madeline Weinrib House Tour

The bedroom features a completely global mix.  A Tibetan carpet grounds the room, suzani pillows add color and pattern to the bed, and a pair of Chinese side tables add to the eclectic mix.

View more of Madeline Weinrib's global interior at Elle Decor >

{Images via Elle Decor; Photographer: Simon Upton}

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