Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NeuYear: Seize The Year Calendar Giveaway

NeuYear wide_3_grande

Just before the holidays I heard from Jesse Phillips, the creator of the NeuYear calendar.  Jesse had a revolutionary idea - to create a calendar large enough to present the entire year, all 52 weeks, in a stylish format.

NeuYear month_2_grande

In a fresh white and teal color palette, this calendar will look amazing in any office.

NeuYear layout_2_grande

For you to seize your year and get organized in style, NeuYear is sponsoring the giveaway of a calendar to one lucky reader.  To enter, leave your name and how you will seize the year with the NeuYear calendar.  You have until Friday, January 11th at 11:59pm ET to enter.  Good luck!


  1. Great way to be organised and see what is coming ahead.

  2. I loved the 2012 edition of this calendar! This year I will tackle turning 30, starting a new job, making more time for travel, and possibly relocating. The NeuYear calendar will help me see the picture during stressful times.

    1. Hi Gail. You are the winner of our NeuYear Calendar Giveaway!!! Please click here to here to find out how you can claim your prize: http://aphrochic.blogspot.com/2013/01/neuyear-calendar-giveaway-winner.html

  3. I'll seize the new year by finally organizing and prioritizing my time for the entire year with this fly calendar... it even fits right in with the color palette of the room I'm putting it in!

  4. My name is Brenda Burgess. I want to seize the year by keeping all of my appointments at a glance. Great organizing idea!

  5. Wonderful organizing Idea! Thank you for the good ideas..

  6. My name is Sohe. The NeuYear calendar will help me to be more thoughtful and remember birthdays, events, and milestones of friends and family.

  7. My name is Jen Cox, and I've been planning on seizing 2013 since 2011! First step, back on the exercise program. Next step, new job!

  8. My name is Diane Cooper, and I really need all the organizational tools I can possibly get! This looks like a wonderful start.

  9. Hi I'm Meredith! I've decided that this year is the year of Meredith (please forgive me for the title). I'm going to find balance and take care of myself as I take care of my family!


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