Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Press Alert: Jeanine Hays In The Philadelphia Inquirer

I was thrilled to be interviewed by my friend, Caroline Tiger, for The Philadelphia Inquirer as she covered the trend on children's furnishings be used in adult spaces.  Check out the article, with quotes from me and Joy Cho of Oh Joy!  Take It From The Kids>


  1. I love buying children's furniture for my adult decor. It makes me feel like I'm getting away with something—kind of like ordering food from the less expensive children's menu. (I haven't actually done that but I've thought about it.) I really didn't think of using children's furniture until my own children were born. Pottery Barn Kids and Ikea definitely have those ageless pieces. I also like the idea of incorporating a few obvious children's furniture into the decor. It makes the space feel fun, and the kids feel good knowing they were considered in the design process.



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