Friday, November 2, 2012

The Week In Review: 11.2.12

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This week has been a challenging one.  For those of us on the East Coast Hurricane Sandy has changed our lives for days, weeks, and maybe even years to come.  Many of us spent Sunday night until Tuesday morning in total fear, wondering what power this hurricane really had.  Tuesday morning we woke up to the devastation.  I am blessed that Sandy didn't harm my neighborhood in Philadelphia, but saddened to hear about friends in New Jersey and New York who are struggling after the storm.  I was supposed to go to New York yesterday for an event, and could not make the trip due to the traffic and gas issues that have been plaguing the region.  It's a sad time.  So, this week I wanted to dedicate this post to hurricane relief; to coming together and making a difference in the lives of those who could really use our help.  Here are some things you can do this weekend to help those who have been devastated by Sandy.

- Purchase art.  One of my favorite art sites, 20 x 200, is giving 50% of the proceeds from sales of the We Are So Good Together print above to the American Red Cross.  Shop for a cause>

- Donate to the Red Cross.  Whether it's giving blood or a cash donation, they really need your help for the victims of this storm.  Even a small donation can make a huge difference.  Donate at>

- iTunes is also providing a way to help victims.  Simply sign into your iTunes account, and click the donate button for hurricane relief.  100% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.  iTunes>

- Visit the Salvation Army.  They are also providing assistance to hurricane relief victims and could use your support.  Donate to the Salvation Army>

To all of our friends in New Jersey and New York keep your heads up.  Sending you good vibes from AphroChic. xo

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