Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Style Talk: Jamie Herzlinger of JAMIESHOP.COM

Jamie Herzlinger

What a difference a couple of years makes.  Two years ago I interviewed the lovely Jamie Herzlinger about her work as an interior designer.  It was one of my favorite Style Talk interviews.  Jamie has incredible style that's all about luxury.  Today, I would like to introduce Jamie to you again.  She joins as a new sponsor of the AphroChic blog, and the founder of JAMIESHOP.COM, a luxury interior design buying service.  I sat down with Jamie to ask her about her new shop, and how you can use her buying service to bring luxurious designs into your own interior.


What inspired you to launch JAMIESHOP.COM?
One week, we had at least ten calls from clients to my firm asking if we could simply just purchase items on their behalf from manufacturers that are exclusive to the trade only. I started to think about how the Internet could bring luxury furnishings, accessories, wallpaper and fabrics to the end users, while they shop in the comfort of their own home… Welcome JAMIESHOP.COM


How does the service work?
JAMIESHOP.COM is super easy! Simply go on our website and sign up! You then will have access to over 400 manufacturers, and when you find something you like, or you have product information from a magazine, click on “request a quote” and fill out the form and click submit. Within 48 business hours we will contact you with a quote for your item.


What is the value of buying items through an interior design service like yours rather than sourcing them through a store?
That’s simple. JAMIESHOP.COM gives you the ability to purchase from any “to the trade only” manufacturers, which you cannot purchase from on your own, and at discounts up to 50% off retail! Unlike other online services, JAMIESHOP.COM will ensure your order works within your space by providing a scaled drawing. Once you place an order for a rug or sofa, for example, we will send you a furniture floor plan showing how they fit in your space and work spatially with your existing furnishings. Upon ordering light fixtures, we will send you an elevation showing where they should be located on your wall or how low they should hang from your ceiling. I help the client approve finish samples on furniture they selected, I will answer any questions regarding their purchases, and I am there every step of the way.


What brands can we find on JAMIESHOP.COM?
I chose to only represent my favorite manufacturers that I have established great working relationships with, such as, Hickory Chair Company, Bolier and Company, Baker, Lee Jofa, McGuire and hundreds more!


After purchasing through JAMIESHOP.COM, can you help clients design their spaces too? 
I often receive phone calls from people interested in decorating just one or two rooms. Unfortunately, I did not work with such a small scale. I always felt bad that I couldn’t be more of a service to them. I have been brainstorming for some time now, trying to figure out how to cater to the one or two room client. And I am happy to announce we just recently launched JH ONLINE. JH ONLINE offers you a variety of different ways we may work together to make your project a successful endeavor. JH ONLINE answers the questions of what to do with all the inspirational photos that you have collected from all your favorite shelter magazines. Whether it is a certain piece that you find inspiring, or an entire project, JH ONLINE will give us the ability to work together to sort through your inspirations and develop a plan and an end game.

I am thrilled to let you know that as a blog sponsor, Jamie is offering AphroChic readers in the continental US up to $500 off shipping through JAMIESHOP.COM!!!  It's an amazing deal.  Just use promo code: Aphrochic2012.  Enjoy!

{Images furnished by Jamie Herzlinger}

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