Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ILLUME Holiday Giveaway!

Illume Candle

Recently I received an early Christmas gift.  A package of goodies from my favorite place for home fragrances, ILLUME.  I've you've ever walked into an Anthropologie store and wondered why it smells so amazing, it's all thanks to Illume and their wonderful candles.  In beautiful scents like sage, vanilla, and cedarwood, Illume has plenty of fragrances that will help you get your home ready for the holidays.  Here are some tips on how to use ILLUME candles in your holiday decor as well as a wonderful giveaway to help you get started!

Illume Woodfire Starlet Ceramic

ILLUME Tip: Fragrance is one of the key elements in accessorizing a home, and a unique strategy for instantly setting a mood.

I love to light my Woodfire Holloway Ceramic cande to set the mood for the holidays.  It's in a beautiful ceramic container that looks amazing on the mantel, and has an earthy scent with traces of cedarwood and warm vanilla.

Illume Juniper Candle

ILLUME Tip: Combined with accent pillows, rugs, artwork and a throw, fragrance enriches the ambiance of a room, adds personality and creates interest.

Something as simple as a candle can be a beautiful decorative piece in your decor.  I really love this Juniper Jade Paint Tin Candle.  It features a soy candle in a colorful tin that can fit into your room's color palette.

Illume Twilight Vanilla Fire Side Candle

ILLUME Tip: Candles are the icing on the cake and should look as beautiful as they smell.

Candles in metallics like this Twilight Vanilla Fireside Candle are great for creating a luxe look, and a memorable smell for the season.

Illume Giveaway

For all of you holiday hosts, I am going to be giving away an ILLUME gift package featuring the Bamboo & Agave Fashion Tin Candle, Bamboo & Agave Energizing Body Butter, and Twilight Vanilla Oversized Matches.  To enter, simply leave your first and last name in the comment section, along with how you will use a special holiday scent this year to transform your home.  You have until Friday, November 23rd at 11:59pm EST to enter.  One lucky winner will be announced on Monday, November 26th.  Good luck!


  1. Jessica Uppal. I LOVE this brand!! As winter approaches and the nights grow longer, I would use this holiday scent to warm up our home...the foyer, bathrooms and living room will bask in a warm glow and yummy fragrance!

  2. Al Bowers. I love how fragrance helps set a mood for a space. I plan on burning candles all during the holiday season to add to the holiday feeling.

  3. Jennifer Cox. I'd like to light this candle and put it on the table near my entryway so that I could enjoy it, and the building foyer would smell sweet, too!

  4. Eva-Marie Corcoran
    My family loves, loves, loves scented candles! I would use them for my family's Christmas Eve get together for just the immediate family (before things get too crazy the next day!). Thanks!
    em9499 at gmail dot com

  5. Donna Fiorino. I would use a holiday scent throughout the house to set a relaxing atmosphere and to bring a holiday feel to every room.

  6. Adele Fiorino
    I like to use holiday candles not just for the scent but also for the warm glowing light. They create a lovely setting on a cold winter day or night. The scents are also wonderful for recreating beautiful holiday memories.

  7. Ronita Dean

    I would surround my house with the candles to create a warm, serene, inviting space. So often holidays can be hectic...candles add a perfect coziness to any space!!


  8. Erika Loescher

    I plan on using holiday scents to accent those special moments that happen only at this time of year. Decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, holiday celebrations at home with family and friends and to destress from a busy shopping day!

    1. Congratulations Erika! You are the winner of the ILLUME Holiday Giveaway! Can you please send your mailing address to aphrochic{at}me.com. Thank you for entering.

  9. I would use the scents to make a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I love to use candles! Mia Sævarang - mia.ms@hotmail.com

  10. This will be my first christmas alone after splitting with my boyfriend this past year... I'd love to use these candles and scents to keep me calm and focused on the joy that still remains in my life

  11. These are my all time favorite candles! I will keep one then give the others as gifts!

    Chelsey Statham

  12. I would give one as a gift!
    cherreamour at gmail dot com

  13. Tiana Bragg. I usually visit my extended family for the holidays, but I won't be able to this year, so I'll use these scents to brighten up mys spirits!

  14. Maggie Thomas

    I am officially in love with Illume candles! I already have my holiday stash of Twilight Vanilla and Balsam and Cedar ready to go. I plan to use them seperately -- Twilight Vanilla when I need to feel calmed and comforted and Balsam and Cedar when I simply need a little Christmas -- and burn them together when I need both, lol. The Balsam and Cedar is great since I have an artificial tree -- smells just like the real thing. I haven't been disappointed in a single Illume scent that I've tried and I'm kind of, well, a bit of a candle snob, lol. I've been wanting to try the Bamboo and Agave so I'm excited to enter your contest. Happy holidays and good luck to everyone! Whoever wins won't be disappointed :).

  15. This is the first year my family has not invited me and my family to Thanksgiving. No explanation why we were left out. I would use this to start a new tradition with my girls and family to ease my heart ache. I would ensure we gave them to those who maybe have no one this holiday, like my 86 year old neighbor, a person in a nursing home, really anyone who could use a boost. kattrack at gmail dot com

  16. I would use a holiday scent for relaxing


  17. Replies
    1. The winner was announced this afternoon. Check our home page and it will be up. Thanks for entering!


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