Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colorful Dinnerware At West Elm

West Elm Dinnerware
Potter's Workshop Tableware - Green

I love bringing in color through accessories.  One way to create a more colorful display at home is through your dinnerware.  A tabletop with splash of bold hues can enliven any dinner party, and even holiday entertaining.  Here are some beautiful pieces from West Elm that are sure to add a splash of color to your next gathering.

West Elm Dinnerware

Do you want a little art with your meal?  This Sydney Studio Multicolor Dinnerware set will do the trick.  This hand-painted stoneware features some gorgeous Fall tones, including cobalt blue and oxblood.

West Elm Dinnerware

Designed by South African artisans, the Imiso Tableware set features soft yellows, blues, reds and greens in a cool stamp design.  The pieces in this set can be mixed and matched for a colorful and eclectic look.

West Elm Dinnerware
Hand-Painted Dotted Dinnerware Set

Blue hand-painted dots give this dinnerware set a tribal feel.  Painted on to porcelain, think of this as an updated version of your older blue and white china.  The color is cool and sophisticated, while the designs are clean and modern.

You can view all of the colorful offerings right here.  Enjoy!

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