Monday, September 17, 2012

Senegalese Baskets at Dar Leone

Dar Leone

I love African baskets.  The blend of handmade craftsmanship, beautiful colors, and eclectic patterns appeals to me.  Whether looking at baskets made in Rwanda, Ghana, Ethiopia, or Senegal it is no doubt that these pieces are works of art.

Dar Leone 3

The London-based online boutique, Dar Leone, offers a beautiful collection of Senegalese baskets among their collection of cushions and mats, all inspired by African interior design.

Dar Leone 2

Handmade by local women in Senegal, these baskets would fit beautifully in the most modern of spaces.  They can be used as hampers, or decorative storage in the living room or bedroom.

Dar Leone 4

You can view Dar Leone's complete collection of baskets, mats and pillows right here.  Enjoy!

{Images furnished by Dar Leone}


  1. Hi Jeanine: Thanks a million for highlighting our baskets. It's really lovely to be featured in our favorite interior design blog! xx, Isatu @ Dar-Leone

  2. I love African baskets - they are so beautiful, so colourful and practical for the home! I must get one soon!!


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