Thursday, September 22, 2011

New From Cushlab

red and pink love cushion Designer Rebecca Barton recently introduced some new pieces to her line of innovative cushions in her online boutique, Cushlab.  Absolute works of art, Rebecca uses felt in new ways to create cushions featuring fabulous floral designs, contemporary loops and even free-stitching that you can see on the Love pillow above.
grey floral cushion
Rebecca's popular Floral Cushion was just released in three new shades - grey;
fuchsia and yellow; and
green and grey floral cushion
sage green and thunder blue.

You can view the complete collection at Cushlab.  Enjoy!


  1. Fabulous pillows!love the designs so cool.I heart your blog-site anyway.

  2. I love that love pillow, and that is saying something, considering I'm not usually one for something so blatantly girly. but wow, that stitching is awesome

  3. ahhhhh thankyou everyone for your kind comments, I am glad you like them....the love cushion is a prototype and I messed up and put the 'E' higher than the other letters by one seems to have noticed yet!
    I owe AphroChic a huge thankyou for showcasing them on what is a really lovely blog xxx

  4. I really like the light blue floral cushion! I like bringing little plenty touches to my house and these look like a great way to do it! Thanks for posting.


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