Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morocco Modern

Shootfactory: morocco modern 3

I have dreamed for years of moving away to a foreign country to start a new life.  Morocco is one of the countries I would love to live in.  Many times when you think about Morocco you think of gold lanterns, and sparkling textiles.  But this modern Moroccan home is definitely outside of the box, and I am loving it. 

Shootfactory: morocco modern 4

Open and breezy white spaces are brought to life with modern lighting, kitschy fabrics in pink and yellow,  and bold patterns that sit next to traditional Moroccan architecture.

Shootfactory: morocco modern

This space has the perfect blend of traditional architecture, modern decor, and warm accessories.  I could settle in right now.

Shootfactory: morocco modern 2

The end result is a modern Moroccan interior with a cozy and soulful vibe.

Have you ever thought about moving to another country?  Where would you go?

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  1. OOooh... I would love to go there right now!

  2. I love Toronto Canada. It's the closest place I've been that reminds me of Chicago. It's diverse, clean, by water and has great vintage stores that I love.
    I've never been to Europe, but I'm sure I can find a diverse city I can fall in love with there as well.

  3. i've always wanted to go to morocco just to get some amazing fabric! i'd love to live in france someday...... i'd like to magically know french, too :) i adore that first photo!

  4. I'd like to relax in a space like this for a few days for sure!

  5. ah, I love! I'm still hoping for a Marrakesh blog meet up. Now If only flight costs would go down;)

  6. Moodboard, me too! Oh, how wonderful that would be.

    Sing, I have never been to Toronto. Sounds like a great city I'll have to visit some day.

    NYC Lu, oh France would be amazing. The food, the shopping, the wine! It would definitely be a magical experience.

  7. Oh Jeanine, you will definitely have to live abroad someday! I am ready to go again, I have to say. Living in The Hague had its perks, living in France was an amazing experience, but living in Tanzania was life-changing. The list of places I'd like to live in next is endless, but these photos do indeed push Morocco up toward thet top! --Chante

  8. Sorry, but I'm missing Morocco in those pics, quite a lot. The Morocco that I have got to know.

  9. I would definetly live in marrakech (in the palmeraie), I simply LOVE this city and the country. I really enjoyed your pictures even though I`m more into the traditional maroccan style

  10. Hello Jeanine,

    I am making a programme about houses (for HGTV in fact) and I was wondering whether you could help me out. I'm looking at houses in Morocco at the moment and am very interested in looking into the house in your post above. Do you by any chance have any information about it or even remember where you got those photos from? I appreciate this was over two years ago and so it's probably faded long ago from your memory -but it does look like a lovely little place and I would be very grateful if you had any more information. My email address is devikaraman(at) if you prefer to email me.

    Many thanks,


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