Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Original Art: Kareem Iliya

kareem iliya

It's been awhile since I've posted about Kareem Iliya's work. His watercolors featuring shadowy silhouettes have been a favorite of mine for some time. I must admit that his work was an inspiration for me as I developed the AphroChic pillow collection. We both share a love of the female silhouette.

kareem iliya 2

I had to share with you some of his latest work - gorgeous illustrations that seem to tell the story of savvy women living in the city.

kareem iliya 3

Beautiful and sophisticated, his work continues to have an ethereal quality.  Each piece seems as light as air with soft glowing tones.

kareem iliya 4

Sadly, I still can't seem to find any way to purchase Kareem's work.  For now, I will continue to admire it, building a collection of my favorites here on the blog.  Enjoy.


  1. The very beautiful woman in the sweater IS ME!!!

  2. I just spent the last 15 minutes googling him and came up with nothing. His portfolio is absolutely amazing. I guess he does work on commission and not for commercial production.

  3. Anna Renee, I'm so glad you connect with Kareem's work. I can see myself in every piece he does.

    Lindsey Lou! thanks for being on the lookout. I contacted his representative a few years ago, and they were not selling his work, but did say that they eventually would. Unfortunately that has not happened yet. If I ever find that his work is for sale, I will definitely let folks know.

  4. I was checking out your blog, because thats what I do. Here is a suggestion I think you can implore with this artist or even in ur own work. The lady with the sparkly shoes, how about getting that framed and where the sparkly thingys are...go to a craft store a buy some sparkly jewels and attach them. How about three of these on a wall with three different kinds of sparkles?

    I think every woman would love to have it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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